Shorthold tenants


Shorthold tenants

Assured Shorthold Tenancy

Emergency contacts

Monday – Friday after 6pm and at weekends/bank holidays: 020 3370 9026.

The Savills Helpdesk on call service are only permitted to respond to genuine emergencies (including, but not limited to, fire, major leaks, floods, lift entrapment, gas leaks, whole property power cuts and loss of heating during winter months). Any less urgent issues should wait until the next working day and be reported to the property manager.

Non-emergency contacts

Monday- Friday 9.00-6pm: Lauren Newbury on 020 7409 8021.

Move in / out

Please refer to your Welcome guide.



If your Lease requires you to obtain a licence from the Trustees for works you propose carrying out to your property, you cannot commence works until that consent has been granted.
Should you wish to carry out works please contact Sarah Soames on 020 3320 8208.