Freehold owners


Freehold owners

The Estate Management Scheme

As a freehold owner you are in the unique and privileged position to contribute and maintain the historic development The Phillimore Estate.

In order to uphold the unique aesthetic of the buildings on the Estate, the trustees set up a Management Scheme which was approved by order of the court on 18th July 1977.

The Management Scheme is registered as a land change and will therefore appear on any local search undertaken on a property belonging to the scheme in the event of a sale or re-mortgage.

Our obligation and aims as set out by the scheme are to preserve the character of the Estate, most of the restrictions that apply relate to the exterior appearance of your property and the protection of the ambience of the Estate but please read the full schedule carefully which can be found below.

Off-street parking
User and nuisance


Whether minor or major all alterations to the exterior of the property will required consent via the EMS form. You can submit this here or if you wish to obtain further guidance first you can discuss it with link.

Minor Alterations

You are permitted to make certain minor alterations to the exterior of your property, for example temporary signage or the addition of a plaque for professional premises- but in all cases must fill in the EMS consent form.

Major works

It is important that you gain consent before beginning any major works to your property. To do so please submit the EMS form along with any additional documents that may be required.


We understand that when building works are undertaken it will sometimes be necessary to erect hoarding around some or all of your property for safety reasons. There is however provision included in the scheme to cover the use of hoarding and it is essential that you consider the character of the Estate.

You must apply for consent to erect a hoarding as part of your building plans, plain hoarding without advertisements or branding is favored by the Trustees but these may be permitted where they remain in keeping with the character of The Estate.

Off-street parking

Where parking is established already you will be permitted to park a single car for which you have written consent. Consent for vehicles can be obtained here

It has been for some years the Estate policy to refuse permission for removal of or alteration to garden walls or gates to allow off-street parking in front of, or alongside, houses.

This policy is designed to protect the appearance of the street frontages in this part of the Kensington Conservation Area and, has the approval and support of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planning authority as well.

User and nuisance


Your property is for use as a single private dwelling only and for the occupation of one household only. The Estate’s position is that a change of use from single to multiple occupation for a house is rarely appropriate.


Please do not permit any activity on your property which could become an annoyance to your neighbours or is detrimental to the character of the neighbourhood; this includes the working hours construction teams as well as any particularly noisy hobby you wished to pursue.


Lockton Companies International Ltd act as insurance brokers for The Trustees and can be contacted at:

Lockton Companies International Ltd,
The St Botolph Building
138 Houndsditch

Main Phone: 020 7933 0000